Thomas L. Stevens

In 1815, Thomas L. Stevens was born in Tyngaboro, MA. He purchased 160 acres of land, now Stevensville, in 1869. In exchange for having a depot built on part of this land and being named after Stevens, he sold a portion of his acreage for $1 to the Chicago and West Michigan Lake Shore Railroad Company.
In 1870, Thomas Stevens laid a village plat and called it Stevensville. On April 3, 1872 the plat was legally recorded at the Berrien County Court House in Berrien Springs, MI. Passing a resolution, the Senate of the State of Michigan proclaimed the Village of Stevensville a chartered village in March of 1893.

The strongest influence on the formation of a village was the railroad company laying a rail line through this land. With the building of a depot which assured a railroad stop to pick up fruit, the area's strongest industry.
Black and white photo of Thomas Stevens
A black and white photo of a train depot. There is a man standing in front of the depot and another

Pioneer & Early Settlers

After much clearing of this wooded land and enduring the hardships of the times, the pioneers and early settlers in this area began to dream about a community settlement. Because these determined people needed, and depended on each other for survival and spiritual strength, religious societies began to meet in farm houses.
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Business Beginnings

Small stores providing basic supplies were made available in conjunction with the grist mills. As business-minded men saw the potential of a community budding, other stores and businesses began to sprout in a central area.  This community and surrounding area have experienced tremendous changes and growth throughout the years.

The effect of these significant events and persons has set a standard of value in heritage of the area, and serves as a legacy to succeeding generations.
A black and white photo of a historic store. There is a table and chairs set up with a display case
A black and white photo of down town Stevensville, showing 5 store fronts. With three men standing o